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Your People make your mission a reality

94% of professionals would be more willing to stay with their employer for student loan benefits.*
You decide how much you want to invest, we'll do the rest

Cafeteria-style student loan benefits for your People

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* SoFi, ‘The Impact of Student Loan Benefits’
Provide incentives for and contributions towards their student loan repayment. They deserve it, and so do you.

Be the Champion for Your People.

Your Contributions Make a Difference

their student loans

Total currently owed


interest rate


time till paid off

0 yrs
10 yrs
your student loan contributions

monthly contribution


starting in

0 yrs
5 yrs

contribution style

the path to $0 debt
the impact of your contributions

they're out of debt

saved in interest payments

Total cost to you:
$5,400 over 107 months

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89% of professionals* are more likely to accept a job offering student loan repayment benefits. Attract and retain the talent you deserve.
* SoFi, ‘The Impact of Student Loan Benefits’
By focusing on your people with the same intensity you do, your Dolr benefits will help reduce financial stress and increase engagement at work.

Happy people, happy company.

People First.