Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dolr help me accelerate to $0 student loans?

We exist to find you more cash for your student loan payments. We believe student debt is a societal problem so we help society fix it. Some examples of sources of cash we find for you include you employer, your school, your loyalty rewards, and others. We also help you make micro-payments of as low as $1 per day so you can chip away at that student debt.

How much does Dolr cost?

$0. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Dolr is free for you if you're a borrower. You can enjoy all the benefits of Dolr for free. Yes.

Is Dolr secure?

Security is hard and because we take it so seriously we use best in class providers for authentication (signing in), account linking, and money movement. In addition, we never store any of your account credentials and you can delete linked accounts anytime either from your Dolr dashboard or directly through your financial institutions website.

Is my data secure?

We take every measure to ensure the security of your data. All user data, sensitive or not, is secured with bank grade encryption. Additionally, we have built our platform according to industry best practices including controlling access to data, how the data is stored, and how it is transmitted.

How can I trust my account will never be overdrawn?

Before we withdraw even $1 from your account we ensure there is more than $1 available. Basically, we don't withdraw money unless there is some left after we do. Just to be sure.

Will I need to get additional tax documents from you?

No. Since we make payments directly to your student loan servicer on your behalf the tax document they send you will reflect all your payments.

Will I get taxed for the contributions my employer makes to my student loans?

No. Thanks to the CARES act any contributions your employer makes to your student loans do not count as taxable income for you.

Which email shall I sign up with?

We recommend you sign up with your personal email (not your work email). We built Dolr for you. We go where you go so we can keep accelerating you to $0 student debt and grow with you.

What happens if I change jobs?

That's ok. If you're new employer is already on Dolr, we make them the source of your monthly contributions. If they are not already on Dolr, we make it very easy for them to join.

What if I have loans with multiple student loan servicers?

No problem. We make payments to the student loan servicer with the highest interest loans. Linking all the student loan servicers you have loans with helps us calculate a better plan to accelerate you to $0 student debt e.g. which loans should you pay first?

What if I'm still in school?

No problem. If you have a student loan you can make payments and Dolr can help you accelerate to $0 student debt.

Shall I still make my monthly payment?

Yes. Dolr finds cash for extra payments to your student loans. You should still make your monthly payment.

What if I refinanced my student loans?

No problem. Dolr helps you accelerate to $0 student loans regardless of who services your student loans.

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